5 Inexpensive and Healthy Breakfast Ideas



Often breakfast is forgotten or overlooked, right?  There is a common myth that skipping breakfast will help you lose weight because you are eating less.  Well, this is actually the opposite of the truth.  Breakfast is most important because it kick-starts your metabolism in the morning.  

Because we make our bodies go so long without food while we sleep, it goes into fasting mode.  If you don't eat breakfast, your body will want to slow down the burning process and store more food.  It starts to think there isn't enough food for the day and will want to conserve.

This, of course, is a bad thing.  This is how you gain weight.  So start eating something in the morning, even if it's small.  

Below are 5 really easy breakfast ideas that are also inexpensive and  healthy.  Trust me, your body will thank you, and you should start to feel so much better and more energized in the mornings.

  1. Hard boiled egg and yogurt – This is actually a really easy breakfast to make ahead of time.  You can make several hard boiled eggs at the beginning of the week and keep them in a bowl in the fridge.  It makes things easier when you’re in a hurry.  Just grab an egg and go.  The same goes with yogurt.  If you buy one big tub of yogurt, try separating them out into different Tupperware bowls ahead of time.  It’ll make it easier to keep the servings correct too.

  2. Smoothie – This will require a few more groceries to buy, but the cost is fairly low.  You really only need 3 ingredients here.  Buy a bundle of bananas, a small bag of frozen fruit, and a box of fresh spinach leaves.  For one smoothie, just add 1 whole banana peeled, ¾ of a cup of frozen fruit, a small handful of spinach leaves, and ¼ of a cup of water.  Blend this up and enjoy!  The great thing about smoothies is you can choose whatever your favorite fruit is.  This is all natural and healthy without any chemicals, supplements, or added sugar.

  3. Wheat toast with cottage cheese – This is one of my favorites!  I absolutely love the combination, especially with chives.  So grab a couple slices of wheat bread and toast it up.  Then cover each one with cottage cheese.  If you’d like to try something amazing, sprinkle chives on top.  So good!!

  4. Yogurt with granola – If you can get a bag of plain granola, it will be great on yogurt.  Low fat Greek yogurt is really good!  You can choose whatever flavor you love the most and just sprinkle some granola on top.  It gives it a nice crunch and is more filling than just a serving of plain yogurt.  Nobody likes to be hungry!

  5. Oatmeal – This takes a little time to prep if you get the non-instant kind.  Not all oatmeal is created equal.  I don’t recommend the flavored instant oatmeal that comes in a little packet where you just add water.  Those packets are full of chemicals and unnecessary sugar.  Bleh!  It’s better to get a tub of oats.  Follow the instructions on the back to make 1 serving.  It should be done on the stove.  Feel free to add some things to it to create the flavor you’d like.  Just keep it natural.  You can add a teaspoon of pure cane sugar (yes, sugar, but not a lot), a teaspoon of butter (not margarine or that fake stuff), jelly, cinnamon, or whatever other flavors you’d like.  I personally like it just with sugar and butter.  Even though I’m adding butter and sugar, it’s healthier than those packets.  Also, just remember “everything in moderation”.  Don’t overdo it!  Keep them to one teaspoon each for a whole serving of oatmeal.


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