Beginning Yoga

beginning yoga

As you first start to do yoga, you will need to be sure to have a yoga mat, a strap, and maybe some light music. We want the music to be soothing, as it should help relax your body so you can sink further into your stretches. You will want to wear either loose or stretchy clothing so there won’t be anything holding you back from a complete stretch. You want your clothes to not cause any restrictions. Also, you will have bare feet.  This is so your feet and toes can grip the mat as you stretch and balance.

When beginning, yoga should be done slowly and fluidly. We will be sure to find our center to help keep us balanced when in the standing poses. The seated poses are a little easier than standing. As soon as you are in a pose, take deep slow breaths and as you exhale, let your body sink further into the stretch.  You should feel the stretch of your muscles, but it should not be painful.

Remember to keep a calm and focused mind throughout the exercise. Each pose should be held as you breathe in and out through your nose. You can hold the pose for 2 or 3 breathes to let your body feel the stretch without switching poses. With some of the more difficult positions, your instinct will be to breathe quicker or hold your breath. As you practice more, it will be easier to balance while breathing deep and slow.

As you practice more and more with these poses and exercises, you will be able to try some more advanced moves. There is a great variety of yoga poses to learn and master. Follow along with my tutorials and videos, but don’t get discouraged. Remember, yoga is supposed to be a relaxing workout.



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