Benefits of Cooking

benefits of cooking

We all know that when you go out to eat, you eat more than a normal serving.   Restaurants always pack the food on the plate as if they are feeding 3 people on one plate.  Because there is so much food in front of you, presented so nicely, you don’t see anything wrong with overeating.   This is one leading cause to obesity.  Have you ever gone to a tapas restaurant and ordered as you ate?  Normally you will tend to eat less in this situation.   The portions are small and there is more time between courses.  It takes 20 minutes for your brain to realize from your stomach that you have eaten.  Because of this, you can overeat in less than 20 minutes and not realize it because your brain is delayed.

How many times have you eaten a meal and then wondered what was in?  What exactly did you consume?  Maybe it was a fast food burger that made you feel drowsy or a plate of nachos that made your heart race.  Not always will the restaurant disclose their recipes for everything.  There is no way for you to know if there were any flavor enhancing chemicals used or MSG.

Have you ever realized you seem to spend more money when you are constantly eating out?  Eating out can raise your bills significantly compared to going to the grocery store for your own ingredients.  One five dollar meal at a fast food restaurant could feed you for an entire week at the grocery store.   Isn’t that amazing?

The moral of this story is to grocery shop instead of eat out.  You can save money, know what exactly you are putting in your body, and limit the amount you eat.


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