Benefits To Being A Runner

benefits of being a runner

There are A LOT of benefits to being a runner.  Even if you don’t run more than 3 miles, you will still benefit from these things.  The more consistent of a runner you are, the more you will benefit, but each time you run your body is thanking you.

My favorite perk that I get from running every time is the endorphins.  Running helps your overall mental health.  Running causes endorphins to form in your body, which are known to uplift your mood.  Endorphins make you happy!  This is why you will hear about runners talking about a “runner’s high”.  This is a real thing!  Endorphins help this to happen and it is wonderful, even if you don’t get the “high”.  Most likely, you will not meet an angry person who has just come back from a run. 

This also helps with stress.  Running is a wonderful stress reliever! When running, your arteries expand and contract.  This helps them to stay fit and maintain a healthy blood pressure.  Because of this, you are less likely to have high blood pressure if you are a runner.  When having better circulation in your system, your heart becomes healthier and stronger.

Along with your blood pressure being great, running helps with weight loss.  Obviously you will be burning calories, but the up and down motion in your body helps to break down the fat.  On average, you will burn 700-875 calories per hour when running.

When your bones are stressed, your body will send minerals to them to allow more strength.  During a run, your bones will be stressed.  This actually causes your bones to be denser and healthier.  As you stress your bones, more and more minerals are sent to the bones and they just get stronger and stronger.  In turn, this will strengthen your ligaments and tendons.  So overall, your bones, joints, and everything in between are healthier when you are a runner.  They can handle more and you will be less likely to injure yourself.

So if you weren’t a runner before reading this, I hope I convinced you to start.  There are so many benefits, both physically and mentally.

Happy Running!



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