Benefits of Yoga


benefits of yoga

Relaxation, Strength, Increase Range of Motion in Joints, Improve Posture, Increase Lung Capacity, Less Stress, More Calm, Boost Oxygen Levels to the Brain, Relieve Arthritis Pain, Slow Aging Process

If you have ever taken up doing yoga on a regular basis, you can understand the increase of energy and happiness in your life.  Stretching and working on your breathing can really open your mind and lungs to increase oxygen levels and blood flow.

Yoga has been known to help with several aging processes.  Because of the increased range of motion in the joints, this can help relieve arthritis pain and keep you looking younger longer.

Try some of my yoga sequences on your own and you will realize for yourself how beneficial yoga can be in your everyday life as well as in the moment.  You may become very sore very quickly, but over time you will be able to complete all my sequences with no problem. 

The great thing about yoga is, no matter how flexible you become, you are never too flexible for yoga.  It just will become easier and part of your everyday life.

Yoga has been known to help with sports.  If you run, swim, play tennis, basketball, or any other sport, you will notice a difference in your strength after starting a yoga regimen.

Your main goal while doing yoga should be to relax and clear your head of all stresses.  Just take in the relaxing music, breathe deep, and let your body relax into each pose.  Yoga should be a slow, long range of motion exercise that works your body in a different way from hard core exercising.  Yoga should be a fluid motion of your body from pose to pose as each breath will determine how long you stay in each pose. 

Learn to breathe with your motions and yoga will end up coming natural to you. Yoga is a wonderful way of stretching out sore muscles.  If you went for a long run the day before, or did some hard core arm or abdominal exercises the day before, yoga will help stretch out those used muscles and make you stronger. 

A lot of times we don’t want to move when our muscles are sore.  Yoga is actually a better choice than not moving because it will help repair and build your muscles instead of letting them get stiff.

Good luck with all the yoga sequences and enjoy the Zen and relaxation of this truly rewarding workout.



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