First Step

first step

It is true that the hardest part of a daily exercise is the first step.  Whether you are going running, to the gym, or planning on working out at home, the initial movement toward actually working out is the hardest.

Do you workout in the morning?  It is easy to convince yourself that you can hit snooze one more time, which turns into several times.  Maybe you convince yourself that you'll sleep just this once and tomorrow you will get up early.  All you have to do is make that initial effort.  Get up and change into your workout clothes.  Once your shoes are on and you're walking in that direction, the hard part is over.

Maybe you are an evening exerciser.  You get off work, drive home, put your purse and keys down and head to the closet.  Your pajama pants are staring at you in the face and you glance over at the bed.  You think of how comfortable it would be to just lay down for 5 minutes.  If you're able to fight through the urge and get those workout clothes on and your shoes strapped on, you are doing great! Next time you are doubting your planned workout, take a look at my motivational pictures, call a partner to go with you, and start to lace up those shoes.  You will not regret going!


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