Just Say No

just say no

When you are trying to substitute junk food for healthier choices, be sure to only buy the foods that are okay to eat. If you buy junk food and let it just sit there, it is tempting you. If you do not have access to it, you won’t crave it as much. Let’s face it, we are women and we crave food from time to time. It’s just how we are. Sometimes it can be really difficult to fight the battle, which is why I have come up with some healthier alternates. 

Salt Alternatives 

-Instead of potato chips, try veggie chips, apple chips, or banana chips. All of these will give you the same crunch, but with more healthy nutrients. All of these alternatives to potato chips are surprisingly very tasty! I personally love apple chips.

-Another alternative to potato chips is popcorn without butter. Melt coconut oil on the popcorn instead of butter, and add salt. Popcorn is very healthy and filling. You will still get that salty snack with less calories. Just stay away from the butter. Coconut oil is a very healthy alternative that still gives a great flavor.

- A healthier salty snack is slices of cucumber. Sprinkle some salt on slices of cucumber. You’d be surprised how filling an entire cucumber can be when you sit down and try to eat one. 

Sugar Alternatives 

-Instead of soda, squeeze a half a lemon or half a lime into 32 ounces of water. If you drink the whole thing, you won’t be thirsty any more. You will still get a great, refreshing flavor without the sugar and chemicals that come in a soda.

- Craving chocolate? Any type of chocolate, as long as it’s chocolate? Get some chocolate almond milk and add about a cup of it to the blender with a banana. Blend this up and enjoy. It will definitely fix your craving of chocolate!

- If you are dying for something sweet like a cookie, grab a Cliff bar. They are high in protein and fiber, but still have a great flavor. These are not meant to eat a lot of, but one every 2-3 days is okay. They come in great flavors that include chocolate, and peanut butter. These are surprisingly very filling as well.

- If you crave popsicles often, make your own! Blend your favorite fruits really well in the blender with water, pour the liquid in a popsicle tray, and add popsicle sticks. Pop them in the freezer and come back a few hours later. You will have a tasty popsicle that is made of real fruit!

-Do you crave the popping of candy in your mouth over and over? Get the same feel from freezing grapes. When you eat a frozen grape, you’ll get the same feel because it’ll be sweet and juicy with a hard outer layer.


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