Every now and then we all need a little bit of a boost of motivation. Not every day will be fully energized and ready to take on another workout. This is a great page to come to, for fixing that problem! I have articles below that you can take a look at in order to boost that motivation.

Click on the image of each article to read more. I hope after looking through this page and all of the articles, your motivation is boosted.

Now let's get going! These workouts aren't going to get done by themselves! Just remember, you will feel a million times better after the workout, than before. You may be tired and sweaty, but you will also be more awake, feel healthier, and have a healthier lifestyle all together.


running is a challenge

Running is a challenge.  It is a wonderful exercise for cardio, but it is not easy.  A lot goes into a run.  You have to take into consideration your clothes, shoes, feet, legs, butt, ears, hands, music, nutrition, and motivation.  This sounds like a lot!  Whatever happened to being able to just go outside and run?...CLICK HERE to keep reading...

forget the diet

The majority of diets that are started, are not completed. Most people end up “falling off the wagon” and bounce back to old habits. This is because diets restrict what you can and cannot eat. Sometimes they make you starve, or eliminate your favorite foods completely. Diets are most common at the beginning of the year, during spring, and during summer. Everyone wants to look great in a bathing suit or have a new goal for the new year. Well why not just not diet!...CLICK HERE to keep reading...

just say no

When you are trying to substitute junk food for healthier choices, be sure to only buy the foods that are okay to eat. If you buy junk food and let it just sit there, it is tempting you. If you do not have access to it, you won’t crave it as much. Let’s face it, we are women and we crave food from time to time. It’s just how we are. Sometimes it can be really difficult to fight the battle, which is why I have come up with some healthier alternates...CLICK HERE to keep reading...