Running Is A Challenge

running is a challenge

Running is a challenge.  It is a wonderful exercise for cardio, but it is not easy.  A lot goes into a run.  You have to take into consideration your clothes, shoes, feet, legs, butt, ears, hands, music, nutrition, and motivation.  This sounds like a lot!  Whatever happened to being able to just go outside and run?  Well you can, but if you are wanting a long distance run, you will need more than just the outdoors.

You will have good days, bad days, hard runs, easy runs, short runs, and long runs.  No 2 runs will ever be the exact same.  That's what is so exciting about it! When running a long distance, you will have some time to think.  You will think about what hurts, what doesn't feel right, and what would make that moment better.  There are definite times of thinking "I want to stop, I'm tired".  Well if you are 3 miles from home, you have you ask yourself if you really would be better off walking or stopping.  

Obviously there are risks in this aspect, but if you have trained for this and you know your body, this can end up being a battle. After training for a long run, if you get half way and want so bad to stop because you are just exhausted and not feeling it, you still have a destination.  Your body says "stop" for various possible reasons.  But at the same time, your mind says "the faster I get there, the sooner I can stop".  When you have 3+ miles left of your run, this can be an ongoing battle for a half hour or more.  

What do you do?  Do you listen to your body or to your mind? If you are in physical pain and are hurt, stop running and call for help.  If you are just having a bad day and feel like lounging on the couch, listen to your mind and run through it.  The couch will be at your destination waiting for you.


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