Tracking Your Progress

tracking your progress

How do you track your workouts?  Do you know what you did on this day last month?  Who knows if you are really improving or just maintaining if you never track anything.

There are several ways to track your workouts.  There are websites such as strava and mapmyrun, electronics such as a Garmin and Fitbit, or the old fashioned calendar and pen.  There are many options out there; you just have to find one that you are most comfortable with. 

Whatever you decide on, just be sure to be consistent.  If you go for a walk, log the date, distance, and time.  If you workout with weights, log the time, weight, and reps.  The main idea is to be able to see your progress as you get into a routine.  If you have a calendar of all your activities, you can look at the big picture and see how many days you have taken off.  Try to narrow those for better results.

Let’s say you decide to get more in shape and you start working out every day and miss a day here or there.  Then you or a family member gets sick and you end up being out of exercise for a week.  Well, if you are tracking everything, you’ll know exactly how long you have been out and it will make things easier to start up again. 

This can also occur at the holidays.  Everyone knows it’s easy to eat more and exercise less around the holidays.  You’ll be able to see it on your calendar.

Another great use of tracking your workouts is for motivation.  You can look at your calendar last week and see you had 3 days with exercise.  Well this week you won’t want to bump down to 2 days.  You’ll want to either maintain or increase that number.  At the beginning of each week, take a look at your past 3 weeks and make personal goals for your upcoming days. Happy logging!!