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This is going to be the go-to page for all things yoga.  Below you will find links to different pages, videos, and other fun things.
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Yoga is a very important part of starting a healthy lifestyle. These poses can help with circulation, digestion, balance, and more. I strongly believe that with almost any problem in life, yoga can fix it. Give this a try and you'll see for yourself that you will start to feel a million times better with this relaxing exercise.

Beginner's Yoga Guide e-book

I have written an e-book on the top basic yoga poses.  In this book you will learn exactly how to get into each pose and how to transition from one to the next.  I have gone into detail about how each pose is helpful for your body and given tips on what to pay attention to in each pose, to make it PERFECT!
beginners book
If you are a beginner, or just want to perfect your basic yoga moves, this will be the right tool for you!
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More for Your Yoga Journey in the Articles Below

benefits of yoga

If you have ever taken up doing yoga on a regular basis, you can understand the increase of energy and happiness in your life. Stretching and working on your breathing can really open your mind and lungs to increase oxygen levels and blood flow...CLICK HERE to keep reading...

legs up the wall

There are a couple of ways you can hold this pose. You can try it with your legs straight up the wall. This is the basic version of this pose. The other version is with your legs in a V shape... CLICK HERE to keep reading...

beginning yoga

As you first start to do yoga, you will need to be sure to have a yoga mat, a strap, and maybe some light music. We want the music to be soothing, as it should help relax your body so you can sink further into your stretches... CLICK HERE to keep reading...



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